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Here are a few things to know before signing up for our recurring detail service

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"This is one time onlyYou must first have any complete service done on your vehicle, This will get the vehicle ready for your recurring detailing service.

NOTE: If you have already received a detail from us in the last 30 days you still qualify

to join without a starter pack. 



You will be provided with 2

online forms



1. One to collect your information

& details regarding your recurring service.

The second form will be your contract, which you will need to read and electronically sign.




This is very important for us, As most of the time, we are very busy, having a card on file speeds up the process. 


We have partnered with


 to ensure  our clients

confidential info is 100% secure & safe.


🚨 Prices for recurring service starts at



Monthly Detailing Maintenance Price Range $75-150

⚠️ Please NOTE: prices are subject to change based on:


1. Extra dirty vehicles =$25 to $50 fee
2. How far you're located
3. Extra work you request

4. Size of vehicle, 4doors | vehicles with a third seat,

or SUVs will add a fee of $15 to $50, NOTE:Detailer will notify you of any additional fees after in-person inspection.   


1. Our premium wash, blow and hand dry
2. Premium spray wax with sealant 2 months protection
3. Complete clean & conditioning
4. Complete spray restore all rubber and plastic
5. Complete vac " trunk included "
6. Clean & Dress Tires
7.  Clean all door-Jams
8. Windows in & out
9. Access to our Member site for Coupons and savings.
10. 15% Discount on all services!

11. Premium Hand/Machine Wax " Every 3 months 




One vehicle per Program, 2nd,3rd, or more vehicles must first go through

 ONE Starter pack  (15% discount included)


NOTE: There will be a $50 deposit fee per vehicle.

This is refundable, & will go back to your

account once your contract ends.

Unless contract is broken, or cancelled  prior to the original date.

         6. AMD SERVICES ARE                        GUARANTEED 



Don't worry we got your back, All AMD services are guaranteed and

 we stand behind our promise to you '' If we can't make you happy we return your money"



You get to choose for how long you need service  5, 8, or 12 months.


NOTE: If the contract is broken, or terminated by you prior to the original 

ending date.


You will be subject to a charge of 50%  worth of remaining upcoming services.



Join our Hundreds of loyal customers

Let us take care of

your vehicle

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